Stage 4 Breast Cancer – Help Getting Treatment Team and Rapid MD Appointments


I was diagnosed stage 4 breast cancer 3 years ago. Dr. Hilton gave us wonderful service. I couldn’t make any doctors appointment but she could just one phone call! She took “big worries” out from me and my husband’s minds. Whenever I had questions, I contacted Dr. Hilton. She replied right away. She didn’t even charge for that. I feel like she is my family. Wonderful service!!!!  AD, Kailua



I have a number of medical problems including CIDP, a rare neurological disease that requires a very expensive treatment. My insurance company continually tried to deny me that treatment causing great stress to my wife and me. A friend recommended Dr. Hilton to us as someone who might be able to help us. Dr. Hilton not only helped us, she solved the problem completely by finding us another insurance company which approves my treatment. My wife and I believe that Dr. Hilton saved my life and she has certainly improved our lives by eliminating the constant stress that we were under.
— Evan, Honolulu

New to Medicare but may move to another state

Dr. Hilton provided essential retirement, actionable and cost savings recommendations in what truly is the complex retirement decision of continuing medical care. Her level of detail and succinct summary is nothing short of exceptional helping texasset my road map into retirement. I grade her A+++ for (1) responsiveness, (2) keen eye for detail and knowledge of various plans and (3) cost effective service with results supporting my current residence in Hawaii to my home in Texas where what applies in Hawaii does not apply in Texas (for those who contemplate moving states.) Highly recommend her for anyone contemplating retirement should you want the best medical coverage for the money and have it numerically and qualitatively proven.
— Chuck, Honolulu

Transfer to another nursing home and filing a long term care claim

IR – North Shore Oahu
I am very grateful for the immediate, personal, detail oriented, thorough service provided by Dr. Eileen Hilton and Crown Care. My husband suffered a major stroke, and placement in a long term care facility became a necessity.
Dr. Hilton immediately made phone calls and dealt with the care homes and insurance companies. She made sure that all the necessary legal paperwork was correctly processed and submitted on time, and that positive results were confirmed.
Having Dr. Hilton as my (our) advocate eased so much anxiety and uncertainty during a very difficult time. I am grateful for such excellent personal service.

New Medicare Enrollment


Abby – Honolulu

I was so overwhelmed by all the options on Medicare..I was referred to Eileen and she was like my guardian angel..excellent teacher,explainer, very knowledgeable and so patient..I have recommended 2 more people to her.

CDL flowersNew Medicare enrollment – SD, Honolulu

I had not been looking forward to confronting the “Medicare Challenge”. Inundated with information on television and mailings seemed to just muddy the waters.
Working with Dr. Eileen Hilton at Crown Care was my solution. All options best suited to me were presented with detailed explanation not otherwise available. Then step by step instructions were provided on how to begin the Medicare process.
My stress and frustration was eliminated with her expertise. Choosing this avenue is an excellent way to navigate a complicated issue.
As plan details may change, I can say with certainty that I will continue to seek her counsel. This was money well spent.

Annual Medicare tune-up   SI Honolulu

Jim and setsuko testimDr. Hilton and her staff at Crown Care helped me last year to sort out my medicare Part B plan. I had signed up for the plan when I turned 65 two years ago with a lot of confusion and conflicting advice. I am a business owner with staff and plan on working for a few more years which made the situation more complicated. Once that issue was clarified, I had to deal with which supplemental plan to choose which was pretty mind boggling. Crown Care was thorough in their analysis and went over the options clearly. The follow up this year was timely and educational.It is no longer a stressful task I have to deal with every year. I highly recommend the service to all those enrolling in medicare for the first time and to those on medicare who should review their plan annually to be sure it is still the right one.

Medicare Navigation – RS  Honolulucropped-pic-of-hawaii.jpg

As my wife and I are fortunate to have three insurance programs available, but with a complex overlay, I wanted to make sure that we could make the best use of the programs. Dr. Hilton and Crown Care were incredibly thorough and helpful in reviewing how the plans could best work. I’m happy to recommend them to others.

Patient Advocacy – JM HonoluluIMG_2669

I couldn’t be more impressed with the services I received by Eileen Hilton at Crown Care. I went to my primary care multiple times as well as an ENT specialist. I was diagnosed with vertigo but was also showing signs atypical with my diagnosis. From there I was scheduled for an MRI one week later to see what else could be wrong. I contacted Eileen and she helped further evaluate my diagnosis and mentioned that waiting a week for an MRI was unacceptable. Within an hour she somehow managed to set up an MRI for that day. I was astonished with how quickly and effectively my problem was identified and the lengths she went through to mitigate my situation. Beyond that, I am so grateful with how she treated me with genuine concern and compassion for my health. She personally followed up with me that same day. Gladly everything turned out ok. Many times I feel like less of a patient when going to see a doctor and more like a number. With Eileen it was clear that my health and wellbeing was her ultimate goal. I am extremely great full to her and the service she provided. There is nothing like peace of mind by entrusting your health to someone that cares just as much as you do.

Health Insurance Navigation

GN TestimonialDr. Hilton and her staff were very helpful to us regarding my husband’s upcoming transition to Medicare. She answered our continuing questions long after our initial consultation last year. She has excellent contacts for difficult questions. We are glad we had the consultation and consider it money well spent.

Deborah, Mililani